Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is Zaplee?

Zaplee is a cloud based phone system that works like a company switchboard. Zaplee allows you to use a single phone number where your customers can reach all of your departments and employees. Calls can be routed based on extension numbers that you determine (e.g. “Press 1 for customer service”. “Dial extension 102 to reach Steve”) and forwarded to any phone in world.

Why do I need Zaplee?

Zaplee provides you with a professional business phone system for a low monthly cost that requires little technical configuration, allowing you to concentrate on your business, instead of worrying about managing your cloud based phone system.

Do I need to install anything to use Zaplee?

No, there is nothing to download or install. Zaplee is a completely hosted, web based phone system.

What qualifies as a User?

Users are nothing but extensions you would want in the system.

What is the per-minute charge for dialing out? Why should I use Zaplee for this?

The per-minute charge varies depending on the country being called. In the US, it is 2.3c per minute. A list of current per-minute pricing outside the US can be found here. The benefit to you is that your customers see your company's phone number on their caller ID, and will not need to remember your company’s phone number to call you back.

How do I get a toll-free / 800 number?

There is a toll-free option during the registration process where you can get a toll-free number.  If you decide to get one later, you can do so by going to the Profile tab in Zaplee.

How soon will my number start working after I create the account?

In most countries, almost immediately. Some countries have local registration requirements and will provision a number after those registration requirements are met. If a country does have local registration requirements, our support department will be in touch with you, in which case you will likely have to provide proper ID, address verification, business registration numbers, etc.

I already have a number, can I port the number to Zaplee?

Most numbers can be ported to Zaplee. However, there are a few city codes our exchange/carrier partners do not support and theref cannot be ported. To ensure your number can be ported, contact us at

I have offices in multiple countries, how can I provide a local number in each country pointing to the same Zaplee account?

Start by creating an account in your primary country, then simply log into Zaplee and go into the Profile tab.  Here you can provision local numbers in over 40 countries instantly!

How can I cancel my account?

You can log into Zaplee, Click the Account tab and click the "Cancel Account" button. The service will be cancelled in 24 hrs. If you are within the intial 14 days period starting from the trial period, we will refund any charges deducting any outbound calling charges if any during this time.