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All Devices Welcome

Count on Zaplee to work with all of your devices, present and future. Seamlessly integrate with VoIP, SIP, landline and mobile phones.


Customize Your Greetings

Craft custom greetings for both business and nonbusiness hours. Don’t want to use your own voice? Take advantage of our text-to-speech function and create greetings in male or female voices, with various accents.


Get a New Number, Anywhere

Assign yourself a local number in over 40 countries, and thousands of cities. Want a toll-free / 800 number? Zaplee can provide that too.


Route Your Calls

Route inbound calls based on the departments and employee extensions that you create, or based on who’s available at particular hours. Give your customers the option to use a dial by name directory.

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Forward Your Calls Anywhere

Send calls anywhere in the world. Forward your calls to VOIP, SIP, landline or mobile phones.

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Get Your Voicemail By Email

Miss a call? Simply check your email for the voicemail audio file, and listen to it directly from your email client − any time, anywhere.

Our Clients Love Our Services

It’s brilliant … absolutely genial. Easy to use and very intuitive. I really recommend this to those that need good, fast and reliable call services.

Glen Alden

The level of customization is remarkable and the support has been nothing less than exceptional. In summary, if you want to give your business the credibility it requires, you can't go far wrong with Zaplee.

Nathaniel Harwood

Zaplee have great support. Our SIP connections were down and after one email chat with support everything was up again. 5 Out of 5 Star. I heard 2000+ good news of Zaplee before I visited it. Thanks!

Jarno Nerdy
Bright Cove
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